Spring 2000 Intermediate IIF
Shiro Ueda Nice to see you! I'm Shiro Ueda.

I have many things which I love, so I show you some of my these. First, I love music. Especially I like British music more than American music. Because I think British music has simple melody and you can maybe feel relaxed! Next, I love some sports, which are football, basketball and american football. I love to watch and play football the most. I watch TV programs about football every day and play football twice a week.
To be continued!!!
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Saya Kimura My name is Saya Kimura.

My hobbies are Traveling, Reading books, and Watching movies. I have been to Germany, England, France, Italy, Austria, Sweden and other Northern European countries . Since I had lived in Germany for 2 and half years, I could go every countries around Germany. In Germany, I had been to the International School, so I could speak English better than now. But, after coming back to Japan, I have forgot almost all of my English skills. That's why I entered the Keio Language School. I'd like to have more chances to speak English.

...... to be continued .......
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Nobuko Horiguchi My name is Nobuko Horiguchi, and I live in Yokohama with my family, and my cute puppy dog, alto. He has been my family for 5 years now and he thinks he is a man. We love him a lot. Isn't he cute?
I like traveling, and I have been to the United States, Canada, Austria, France and Italy. Now, I'm planning to go to Canada and Australia this year, because I have my friends' wedding in July. The both of them are my best friends so I really want to see them and say congratulations!!! But there is one big problem. I'm really busy to work at that time, and I'm not sure if I have enough money or notÍ.
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Mikako My name is mikako.

I have been living Setagaya ward in Tokyo for about 6 years. Setagaya ward is very comfortable and convenient for me. For example, there are many shopping spots and attractive restaurants around where I live. And when I get a train in commuting hours, it is easy to read a newspaper. Because it is not so crowded. Sometimes I can get a seat. And there are many parks. It makes me feel good. So this is nice place for me. I recommend you to live in Setagaya ward. But there is one bad point. The convenience encourages me to spend a lots of money!
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Hajime Kojima My name is Hajime Kojima

I'm a physical therapist in some hospitals. Foreigners sometime come to our department. I'd like to communicate with them perfectly and I have to understand their needs. So I'd like to develop my communication skills in English. I'fm busy everyday, but sometimes I go to drink with my staff after work. It'fs very good fun for me. I like the beer. Someday let's go to drink with classmates.
By the way, I'm interested in outdoor sports, especially skiing. This winter I took my elder son, who was three years old, to Yuzawa ski resort. We enjoyed snow and skiing very much. I'd like to take youngest son there with us.
I hope I will travel with my family. All my family likes it. I couldn'ft travel abroad after we had kids. I'fd like to do again, especially go to Canada. It was very wonderful country.
Because forests and lakes were very beautiful. And mountains were very great. Foods were delicious, for example, fishes were fresh which come from Pacific Ocean. I don'ft forget Sushi I had in Vancouver. I'fd like to travel abroad with my family some day.
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Mari Chiba My name is Mari Chiba

My hobbies are listing to the music, traveling, Gymnastics
and flower arrangements.
Recently, I begin to swim. It makes me relax and comfortable.
And I also like to take a walk in the neighbor. I can find a new shop, new restaurant and feel a season.
As I was majored in Oriental History at the university, I am very interested in travel aboard. Most interested country where I have traveled is Morocco. Morocco is quit different from other countries.
If you have a chance to go abroad, I recommend you to visit there.
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